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    NW Missouri

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    Excitement and fun await on our guided hunting trips to NW Missouri. 

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    February Snow Goose Hunting

    Location: Mound City, Missouri


    North West Missouri

    North West Missouri has become world renown when it comes to snow goose hunting. Situated along the Missouri River it is one of the largest staging areas in the central flyway for snow geese as they make their journey back to the tundra. We are located near the town of Mound City, MO. Mound City is the home of Squaw Creek National Wildlife refuge as well as 2 very large well managed conservation areas. It is not uncommon for there to be excess of a million birds there at a given time. The out skirts of the refuge give way to miles and miles of rolling corn fields that provide abundant options for hunters each spring. In North West Missouri a typical day will consist of meeting about an hour and a half prior to sunrise. Most days we will hunt the mornings and break for lunch and come back out for the evening feed flight off the refuge. There are certain days that it pays to sit all day but in general it is more of a morning and evening hunt as the birds come off of the refuge to feed. 

    Dates: February 24th-March 25th
    Hunt Cost:
    • $200/day (Hunt Only)
    • Hunting and Lodging $290/day
    • Hunting, meals, and lodging $390/day
    Traveling: You will be traveling to the Mound City area. If you are flying Kansas City is going to be the closest place to fly into. We are located 90 miles directly north of Kansas City. 
    Lodging: We do have our own lodge in NW MO. It will accommodate 1 group of hunters at a time. You must have a group of 5 or more to utilize our lodge. For all other hunters lodging is available in either Mound City MO or Maryville Mo
    License Cost: $40
    • License can be bought over the counter at Walmart in Kennett or online at http://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/permits
    • If you are born after January 1st 1967 you will have to provide proof that you have completed hunter safety in order to purchase your license
    Within 14 days after booking you are required to make a 50% deposit. With the balance being paid when you arrive for your hunt. Money can be paid by cash, personal check or Credit Card
    All monies paid are non-refundable. If you can’t make the trip it is acceptable to find a replacement as long as the party size doesn’t change. If you can’t make the hunt and can’t find a replacement you forfeit your deposit. When we postpone a hunt it is with your best interest in mind. Most of your payment is used to pay expenses preparing for your upcoming hunt. By sending payment you are agreeing to these terms.
    Bird Cleaning
    We will provide all the cleaning of the birds for an additional $15/day per person. In the past we had offered bird cleaning for $3/ bird, but that can get very expensive on days when harvesting 30+ geese. We will require paying the full $15/day at the time of your deposit so that we can have the adequate supplies with us to do so. If you choose to have your birds cleaned after you have arrived it will be $3/bird.  All of your geese will be cleaned, packaged and cooled for legal transportation. We do not pluck the birds, all we do is leave the chest cavity with both breasts and a wing left on.  A wing must be left on them for transportation reasons, so don’t ask us to just breast them out for you. 
    Group Info:
    • 8 Hunters Maximum per Field 
    • Groups of 6 or less are subject to hunting with mixed parties
    • Dogs: You are welcome to bring your dog IF you book your own field (meaning 6 or more paying clients.) You must also have a dog blind.