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    Wild weather weekend....and beginning of the week!

     As I had stated in my last post we were expecting a little snow moving in through this past weekend....And we got a LOT of snow...in fact 10 inches of SNOW in TEXAS!! Hunting remained good through the weekned with a unique snowy hunt that we don't see real often in this area. We then had a couple days off at the begining of the week giving us an opportunity to get out and do some hunting of our own, which was also fun to do! Today we got back underway with customers and had a mixture of results. We woke up to 35-45mph winds which was excessive to say the very leasat. We hunted one group on canada geese and one group on Crane...the goose hunt was very good...quick limits which suprised me as the shooting was definately tricky in the heavy winds. The crane hunt that was a completely different story....The high winds literally grounded the crane and they moved very little to say the least.  Today will go down as "the day the crane never flew." We did scratch a few out but for a feed of 4000 to only have about 20 make it back to the field....well lets just say our expectations were not met. Tomorrow we have 2 great goose and crane feeds we will be hunting so stay turned to see how that turns out!

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    December 13, 2018