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    Post Christmas Weekend Smash!

    It has been a few days since I was able to hop on here and give an update on the hunting here in West Texas. We had a couple of days off with Christmas which is always bittersweet ,but we picked up right where we left off. We have still been finding big sandhill crane feeds of 3-5k most days and the hunting has continued to be very good with limits on the crane hunts every day. We have had a couple hunts that took a litlle longer but some have gone very qickly. We ran 1 goose hunt as well over the weekned and it turned out great as well. A fun unque west texas loafing pond hunt. We did finish up with a limit about 1pm as we waited for the birds to come off the feed and head back to water. About 11 am they started trickling back to water and the next hour and a half was as good as it gets. We have some cooler temps moving in the next couple days. I anticapte the smaller water to freeze and consolidate the geese a little more than they have been, which is good and bad....good in the sense the feeds get bigger...bad in the aspect that there are few feeds to choose from. Keep checking back for more updates as the cold front pushes in for the NEW YEAR!!

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    December 30, 2018