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    Crane Hunting December 3rd

    After a busy weekend, today we only had 1 group in camp. These guys specifically came to Tejas to hunt crane and as we have come to expect we had another great shoot. Winds this morning were light and variable making hunting a little tougher than it needs to be. We had a field with 3000+ Crane in it and it was just a matter of time before we were able to pick away our limit. One thing with crane if you have even the slightest of a breeze it can mean the differece of being done in a half hour versus rolling through a lot of birds to eventualy get your limit. Tonight we had 10 more guys check in so tomorrow it is back to running 2 fields. We have 1 group going crane hunting and the other group is going goose hunting. Both parties should have excellent hunting! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the results! 

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    December 03, 2018