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    Frosty...Windless...But Fun Morning

     This morning could be sumed up by light and variable winds with a touch of frost. By no means are those the conditons any waterfowl hunter likes to wake up to. Aside from that it was a beautiful morning to be out enjoying the outdoors. We made the best of the tough weather conditions and still managed to get our crane hunters a limit of crane and our goose hunters shot about half there limit of geese. The amount of birds we seen this morning was a sight to be seen in itself. We had about a 3 hour steady flight of geese rolling out to our field but just did'nt have the right conditions to get them to finish the way we had hoped. At the end of the day it was another successful day down here in West Texas. As the sun sets each night it brings new hope and optimisim for the day to follow. 

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    December 04, 2018