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    Couple Great Days of Crane hunting and a Cold front ROLLING in for the weekend

     The last 2 days we have had a couple of FANTASTIC Sandhill Crane hunts. Yesterday continued with the saga of no wind, which in result we had a longer drug out hunt. Yesterday morning on the scout we picked up a huge feed of 7000+ Sandhill Crane and with wind in the forcast we expected this morning to go rather quickly. As expected we were out of much earlier with 12 full limits of crane! Tomorrow we will turn our attention back to some lesser canada geese we have been keeping an eye on for about 5 days now. They have been feeding very steadily in this particular field and it looks as though we should have the right wind for the field and expectations are very high tonight for the mornings hunt. It looks as though we will have a bit of a cold front moving in for the weekned with what looks like at this point a high potential for snow at sunrise come Saturday morning. I have a feeling things could get pretty intersting over here in West Texas come this weekend!!! 

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    December 06, 2018