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    Category: Texas Crane and Lesser Canada Goose Hunting

    Good hunting with the cool front!

     Yesterday a cold front moved in durning the afternoon. The cold font brought high winds and the high winds made for a couple of great hunts the last couple days. The goose hunts the last couple [...]

    January 01, 2019

    Post Christmas Weekend Smash!

    It has been a few days since I was able to hop on here and give an update on the hunting here in West Texas. We had a couple of days off with Christmas which is always bittersweet ,but we picked up ri[...]

    December 30, 2018

    More Fun In West Texas!

     Its been a great start to our crane and goose hunts to say the least. We are down to our last few days prior to our short Christmas break and the season thus far has not disappointed one bit. Ye[...]

    December 20, 2018

    Let the good times ROLL!

    The last 2 days have beewn pretty stellar over here at our Texas lodge. Yesterday we had quick limits of crane and geese. The goose hunt went really well with a little bonus even!! Not only did they k[...]

    December 15, 2018

    Wild weather weekend....and beginning of the week!

     As I had stated in my last post we were expecting a little snow moving in through this past weekend....And we got a LOT of snow...in fact 10 inches of SNOW in TEXAS!! Hunting remained good throu[...]

    December 13, 2018

    Couple Great Days of Crane hunting and a Cold front ROLLING in for the weekend

     The last 2 days we have had a couple of FANTASTIC Sandhill Crane hunts. Yesterday continued with the saga of no wind, which in result we had a longer drug out hunt. Yesterday morning on the scou[...]

    December 06, 2018

    Frosty...Windless...But Fun Morning

     This morning could be sumed up by light and variable winds with a touch of frost. By no means are those the conditons any waterfowl hunter likes to wake up to. Aside from that it was a beautiful[...]

    December 04, 2018

    Crane Hunting December 3rd

    After a busy weekend, today we only had 1 group in camp. These guys specifically came to Tejas to hunt crane and as we have come to expect we had another great shoot. Winds this morning were light and[...]

    December 03, 2018

    West Texas season starts off with a bang

    We bagan our season here in Lubbock Texas over the weekend! We perdominately hunt Sandhill Crane and Canada geese down here throughout the winter months. Its a hunt that is typically very consistent a[...]

    December 02, 2018