• Spring Snow Goose Guided Hunting Services in Missouri and South Dakota




     Are all locations set in stone?

    The way the dates are scheduled out on our hunting packages page is typically how the spring will play out, but unfortunately snow goose hunting is very weather driven and sometimes that means we are hunting locations that neither our clients nor ourselves planned on hunting. Please realize we are hunting a migratory bird and they can move a huge distance in a short amount of time. We do our best with the knowledge we have to choose where we are hunting during a given time period. We are very good at what we do but sometimes even the best plan has some bumps in the road, so please be as flexible as you possibly can. If you can’t be flexible there are certain times periods that I would say are ALMOST A SURE DEAL as far as location goes, so be sure to ask me if that is a concern.

    What happens if we cancel the hunt on you?

    If we cancel the hunt remember it is in your best interest. This does not happen often but when it does we are doing it with your best interest in mind. An example of when this could happen is if we can for see a large storm coming through and not allowing us any time to move to a location where we will have decent hunting.  We do not refund your money if we cancel the hunt; however we will roll your deposit over to the following year, or try to reschedule your hunt later on in that same year if possible.

    Where is the best place to fly into?

    For our SE Missouri hunts the closest place to fly into is Memphis, TN which is typically within 2 hours of where we will be hunting. In NW Missouri the best place to fly into is Kansas City, MO which is about 90 miles away from your final hunting destination.  As far as South Dakota there isn’t a great place to fly into. If possible try to fly into Aberdeen but as far as a big air port your best option will be Sioux Falls, SD.

    What is expected of our hunters?

    When it comes time to for the hunt you are NOT expected to help us move decoys or set fields. When you show up everything will be ready for you. All we expect out of you is to bring your gun shells, and that’s about it.

    What is a typical day in the Field?

    All of our hunts are full day hunts, but often times depending on the day/location it isn’t worth sitting the entire day. Our hunts start a half hour before sun rise and go till an hour after sun rise. If you want to hunt the entire day I suggest bringing a sack lunch most of the locations we hunt are about 20-30 miles from a restaurant.

    Where do we meet in the mornings?

    We do not have any specific meeting place, and often times don’t have an exact plan as to where we will be meeting until dark the night before your hunt. I know this isn’t always the most convenient but often times we don’t know where we will be hunting exactly until we are done scouting at night.

    How often do you move fields?

    We hunt 2 types of spreads. Some of our spreads are semi permanent, which typically at the end of the year average more than our hot sets every day. We lease thousands of acres giving us lots of options to move around when needed, but we have found that the birds are constantly migrating in out of the area all spring and rarely using the same fields day after day. That’s why we try to lease good migration/feed routes to assure consistent hunt day in and day out. Unlike Canada geese and duck where they move to an area and stay for weeks or months and pattern to the same fields day after day, snow geese are constantly pushing making it more advantageous to be in said migration/feeding routes.   

    How many birds will we kill?

    Probably the most frequent off all questions!! I always say if you kill between 25-40 birds you had a good day of snow goose hunting. If you get cold weather and the migration stalls out for a few day that’s when we see our toughest hunting most years, but the way we are doing our schedule for 2015 and beyond we are hoping to avoid the slowest time periods at various locations. If you get good migrating weather or are hunting towards the middle or end of the migration that’s where your potential for big shoots are going to present themselves.